Success Story: Tara Granberry


I came to Mike with a dream to win my first NPC bikini competition back in 2010. We had three months of conditioning before my competition and I was at 17% body fat, but needed to be between 10 and 13 as per Mike.

Mike trained me 4-5 days a week focusing on incorporating all muscle groups throughout the workout. His encouraging spirit and knowledge of fitness and nutrition not only got me to 11% body fat but also helped me FEEL more than ready for my competition.

My first competition was The Ronnie Coleman Classic where I placed 5th! Next up was the Texas Shredder Classic and we won! With Mike’s continued guidance I soon won my second competition, and overall at The Fitness Alamo Classic. My goal of earning my pro card will with out a doubt be obtained with the help of Mike!

The confidence I have now because of Mike is untouched. He is in my opinion, the best trainer in Austin, Texas.

-Tara Granberry

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