Success Story: John Lewis

I have trained with Big Mike since 2009. Before I started my core training with Mike, I often had upper back pain and had trouble staying in the areo position on my tri bike due to weak core muscles. After building a strong core from Mike’s training, I now have no back pain and I am not only able to stay in the aero position longer, but I make more power on the bike as well.

john lewis 3

Since 2009, I have logged thousands of miles on my bike, pain free. I also earned a gold and silver buckle at the grouling Leadville 100 MTB. I set my personal record in my third Ironman competition at Ironman Texas finishing well into the top 10% of the entire feild of 2600 athletes- all since training with Mike.

john lewis 2

He has been a huge part of my success and a good friend. I highly recommend training with Bigger Faster Stronger Training.

Results speak for themselves…

-John Lewis


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