Success Story: Hannah Thompson

After a few disappointments in my life I had reach a new all time high on the weight scale that scared the heck out of me. So I started out at a gym doing what I read in books and magazines. I did one program perfectly only to find out that after loosing 15lbs. in 3 months most of it had been muscle! I was upset and confused. Desperate to not just lose weigh but to be strong I found Bigger Faster Stronger.


I started on a meal plan he designed for me and a workout plan designed to do for my body exactly what I wanted. My body never looked better in my WHOLE LIFE!

Usually when I got trimmed down I just looked like a smaller version of the bigger version of me, lol. But training with Mike and BFS totally changed the way my body looked, moved, and what I could do! I entered triathlons, ran races, swam in the ocean, and strutted on beaches! I recommend BFS for those who know what they want but are fighting to get it. It’s all yours with Bigger Faster Stronger!!

Thanks Mike!

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