Success Story: Christopher Lebedzinski

387754_479164902127579_1411104728_nMy wife and I have been working with Mike at BiggerFasterStronger for about 6 months now. To say we were out of shape before we started with him is an understatement. In a little less that 4 months, Mike took me from almost 20% body fat to less than 10% body fat and got me in better shape than I have been in my entire life. At 30, I am in better shape then I was in high school or even the military.

69497_482936625083740_771292849_nThe change for my wife was even more dramatic. She went from almost 30% body fat to 13% body fat, size 14 pants to size 2.┬áMike doesn’t only just work out with you, he gives you a workout plan when you are not with him and a meal plan so that you can see changes even quicker. Trust me when I say, it is not easy starting out. If you just stick with it and listen to what he tells you, you will see the results. Mike has changed our lives for the better. If you are tired of running in circles and are ready for a change, call mike and BiggerFasterStronger now.

-Chris Lebedzinski

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