Success Story: Hannah Thompson

After a few disappointments in my life I had reach a new all time high on the weight scale that scared the heck out of me. So I started out at a gym doing what I read in books and magazines. I did one program perfectly only to find out that after loosing 15lbs. in 3 months most of it had been muscle! I was upset and confused. Desperate to not just lose weigh but to be strong I found Bigger Faster Stronger.


I started on a meal plan he designed for me and a workout plan designed to do for my body exactly what I wanted. My body never looked better in my WHOLE LIFE!

Usually when I got trimmed down I just looked like a smaller version of the bigger version of me, lol. But training with Mike and BFS totally changed the way my body looked, moved, and what I could do! I entered triathlons, ran races, swam in the ocean, and strutted on beaches! I recommend BFS for those who know what they want but are fighting to get it. It’s all yours with Bigger Faster Stronger!!

Thanks Mike!

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Austin Fit Magazine’s Top Personal Trainier Award


Click here to read the article from Austin Fit Magazine online.

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Prowess Fitness Class Starts January 14th

That’s right folks we’re back at it again! Join Bigger Faster Stronger Training as we take you through another six weeks of fun filled, action packed, muscle pumping, heart wrenching, and fat burning workouts!!!

Classes will be held every Monday night at 7pm and every Wed night at 8pm kicking off on Jan 14th, for six weeks! 
Regular 6 week pricing is $99
Early Bird pricing is $89 (offer ends Jan 1)
Partner pricing is $79
Drop in pricing is $10 per class


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Success Story: Nora Lebedzinski

546912_487740927936643_847152232_nCan’t say enough about this athlete of mine! This woman right here has busted her ass, and begged for more(or cursed me out, lol) over the course of 3-4 months!! After training more often than not at 5 or 6 am- AND NEVER CANCELLING- working out twice a day more often than not, and followed my strict and not very fun(at times) nutritional guidance she has managed to lose 40+ lbs and drop over 10% in body fat!!! She is a true testament of “HARD WORK PAYS OFF”, and I could NOT be more proud of you Nora! I appreciate your hard work more than you know, thank you!

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Success Story: Daniel Jolly

416953_476775265699876_192344884_nI’ve been an athlete my entire life and and have competed in some form or another since the age of five, this has allowed me to be exposed to various training methods and techniques. In 2008, I began training in Mixed Martial Arts with the intention of turning professional and pushing myself to achieve at the highest levels of the sport.


I began working with Mike two years ago shortly after deciding to turn professional in Mixed Martial Arts, I had two goals in mind when we began our journey together. The first, was to fully rehabilitate a knee injury I suffered in 2010 and required surgery and the second was to be gain a competitive edge over my opponents through sport specific training. Mike has allowed me to achieve these goals and has exceeded any expectations I had going into this partnership. Mike’s the best strength and conditioning coach I’ve ever had! His knowledge of sport specific training has allowed me to put complete faith in him and after two years I have reached a point where I simply go into my sessions believing everything we do is going to directly effect the outcome of my fights in a positive manner. I am currently 2-0 as a professional and I am hoping that 2013 will be a break out year for me and I’m proud to have Mike in my corner every step of the way.

-Daniel Jolly, “The Werewolf of Texas”

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