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Best Of Austin Fit Magazine 2012_Logo_Winner

  • NASM – Certified Personal Training
  • NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • COOPER INSTITUTE – Biomechanics of Resistance Training
  • CPR/AED Certified


“There isn’t a sliver of doubt in my mind that no matter your age, weight, shape, or size – WE ARE ALL ATHLETES – to some degree, at one level or another. When I started Bigger Faster Stronger Training, one of the many ways I wanted to ensure my training programs were better than most was through our ability to tap into YOUR inner athlete and allow it to run absolutely wild! As a lifelong athlete of just about every sport out there, I have seen and been a part of a large variety of training styles. Starting from the young age of four all the way up to the collegiate level. Some good, some bad. It is my vision, through Bigger Faster Stronger Training, to create a world with zero physical limits. It is my goal to push you to the edge of your every boundary, and then demand more. No matter what your cosmetic goal may be, no matter how ‘nonathletic’ you think you are, if you train with me you will also have a performance goal! So get ready to not only look great, to not only feel great, but to also perform great! Welcome to the team!” -Your Loving Coach



Married and a father of two, it is Mike’s faith in God and hard work ethic that continues to drive him towards success. The second child of four, and originally from San Antonio, he has lived all across Texas from the small town of Cisco, all the way to the big city lights of Dallas/Fort Worth where he started his personal training career. It wasn’t until four years ago before he finally settled down in Austin. Shortly after living here for just over a year Mike met his wife Leslie, who just so happens to be the first ever NPC Overall Bikini Winner! They now live in south Austin, have two beautiful boys- Jordan and Kaison- and are beyond grateful for all of your constant love and support!